Description of work:
Countertops, dry-rot repair, drywall seams repair

“Fantastic! Bella Home Services did what they said they were going to do and did it in the time frame they expressed. Any change notices were discussed, quoted and approved before moving forward. The final invoice matched the quote plus any approved change notices. They were courteous, tidy and expressed gratitude for my business. It was a pleasure working with them and will definitely do so again!”

William D.

Description of work:
Installed kitchen counter tops

“Expectations were met…….good clean up during and after project…..pleasant, careful, and knowledgeable workers……great communication before, during, and after by owner.”

Joan S.

Description of work:
Various handyman services

“It went really well. I highly recommend Bella Home Services.”

John W.

Description of work:
Repaired sheet rock crack, installed 3 ceiling lights, and replaced 5 doorknobs and hardware.

“He worked quickly and finished each job with an expert touch.”

Joyce N.

Description of work:
Repair of rotted wood on roof dormers.

“Very well.  Although I am unable to climb onto the roof, all repairs look great through binoculars.”

Dianne B.